The Alignment Report compiles Sales & Marketing information needed to effectively engage your Ideal Company Profile, with a Buying Group, on a Research Path.

 Alignment Report process

We compile and summarize collective knowledge from Sales & Marketing resources

We deliver a comprehensive report that defines your Ideal Company Profile and the Research Path of the Buying Group

Sales & Marketing use report insights to implement best practices across ecosystem

Use Report to:

  • Prioritize content development
  • Define MQL’s and SQL’s
  • Maximize tools and technology stack
  • Prepare for ABM initiatives
  • Implement best practices across ecosystem
  • Improve Sales & Marketing operations
  • Define MQL and SQL hand-off
  • Support Sales & Marketing collaboration
  • Prioritize Sales & Marketing activity and initiatives
  • Develop Sales Enablement training material
  • Create road map and project plans
  • Reduce sales Cycles