About Page

The Story

I started my career in Hospitality Operations. At my core, I’m hospitable. I want everybody around me to have the best experience possible in every situation.

I spent years in Hospitality Technology and Enterprise Software as a Sales & Marketing Executive. I diligently researched the best ways to educate customers with relevant content and implemented consultative and road-map driven sales processes.

I was invited to speak at a few events and realized my approach to incorporating insights from sales into content for Marketing Automation programs was innovative to some.

In 2015 I launched Fusion Funnel to help companies maximize their investments in the Sales & Marketing technology stack and to leverage their collective Sales & Marketing expertise.

The Next Iteration

I’ve learned it’s challenging for companies to make Sales & Marketing alignment a priority. It’s equally hard to design an alignment plan, assign resources and execute.

I asked myself how I could make the process easier, which led to the development of our ABM Survey platform. The platform organizes the resources and gathers information. We synthesize insights and provide the details needed for a project plan.

Once you’ve got the Sales & Marketing Ecosystem Alignment Report, all that’s left for you is the execution part…and we’ve got some great partners if you need help there as well.