Sales & Marketing Ecosystem Alignment Report

What is a Sales & Marketing Alignment Report?

The Alignment Report is a comprehensive outline of your Sales & Marketing process and catalogs gaps in content and strategy.

Why get a Sales & Marketing Alignment Report?

B2B companies need to increase the number of sales conversations about budgets, requirements and timelines.

The Alignment Report provides a detailed framework on how to engage your Ideal Company Profile and speak to the Research Path of the Buying Group.

The report provides the information needed to:

  • Prioritize content development
  • Define MQL and SQL hand-off
  • Maximize tools and technology stack
  • Prepare for ABM initiatives
  • Implement best practices across ecosystem
  • Improve Sales & Marketing operations
  • Define MQL’s and SQL’s
  • Support Sales & Marketing collaboration
  • Prioritize Sales & Marketing activity and initiatives
  • Develop Sales Enablement training material
  • Create road map and project plans
  • Reduce sales Cycles

How is the report developed?

We use thorough logic-branching surveys and follow-up interviews to collect information from Marketing, Marketing Automation, Sales Development, Account Executives, Sales Managers, Sales Engineers and other resources.


Establish Sales & Marketing Ecosystem Alignment Report team

Team members are assigned a survey (or surveys) based on their roles

Team members create their user accounts in our ABMsurvey platform and take surveys

We compile results and conduct follow-up interviews

We develop and deliver your Sales & Marketing Ecosystem Alignment Report

How much time does it take to complete the steps needed to develop report?

5 to 8 Sales & Marketing Resources

…..spending a total of………

15-20 hours for Surveys & Follow-up calls