Reliable qualification
& hand-off. Every time

Best practices made easy.

Solving a 2 Tier Problem



For front line prospecting, we provide a dramatically improved hand-off process with manager defined criteria for initial qualification that can be measured and reported on.
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Seasoned reps use spreadsheets or word docs to log discovery, and only a limited amount of sales-cycle information makes it into the CRM. We ensure 100% of the information captured is entered into the CRM in a way that aligns with AE’s workflow.
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Sales have never been more competitive, and buyers have endless options.

The decision to buy is often based on the customer's experience of the sales cycle. Implementing a qualification and discovery framework that promotes best practices ensures your sales cycle is a true reflection of your brand.
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A Seamless Workflow

Better hand-off with standardized and criteria-driven qualification consistently added to opportunities at call wrap.

A Management-Driven

Sales managers define what information reps should capture during calls and gives them a simple way to report on how often they capture it.